Trail Repair Kit

Trail Repair Kit

Posted by UTV HQ on 17th Sep 2019

Don't get caught on the trail without the essentials. Our Trail Repair Kit comes with a first aid kit, windshield cleaner, microfiber cloth, a tow rope, a tire repair kit, and a portable air compressor. You can add a portable jump starter to make the Extreme Trail Kit!

Our Trail Repair Kit includes:

First aid kit

Bandage Materials:

  • 4x bandages 1" x 3"
  • 2x knuckle bandages
  • 2x butterfly bandages
  • 6x gauze dressing 2" x 2"
  • 2x safety pins


  • 11 pieces of pre-cut shaped moleskin


  • Splinter picker/tick remover forceps


  • 2x After Bite® wipes
  • 2x diphenhydramine antihistamine 25mg
  • 4x ibuprofen 200mg

Wound Care:

  • 3x antiseptic wipes
  • 2x alcohol swabs
  • 10 yards of 1/2" tape
  • 2x single-use triple antibiotic ointment

Windshield cleaner and Microfiber cloth

Sparkle cleaner is ammonia-free and won't eat away at your shield and the microfiber cloth is the best to avoid scratches.

Tow rope

  • Breaking strength: 5,000 lbs.
  • 12 ft. of 1" strap
  • Steel shackle and mesh storage bag included
  • Closed loops at both ends

Tire repair kit

  • 22-piece kit includes a screwdriver-style reamer and plug tool, string plugs and patches, four-way tool, pencil gauge, replacement valve cores, and chrome caps; all stored in easy-to-browse compartments

Portable air compressor

  • Includes a convenient carry tote
  • Measures 5-1/4″L x 4-3/4″W x 2-1/4″D; alligator clips and cigarette plug leads are 13" long
  • Maximum air pressure 100 psi
  • 14" flexible hose with easy lever valve stem connector

Optional jump starter

  • Ultra-compact, sleek and slim design fits in your pocket, purse or backpack
  • Jump-starts up to V8 motors, multiple times
  • 8000mAh of high-power capacity
  • Charges USB devices, cell phones, tablets and GoPro® cameras
  • Charged by any USB connection
  • Automatic shut-off when not in use
  • Built-in flashlight with SOS and flash patterns
  • Contains all accessories to jump-start or charge devices