Top-Quality Polaris Ranger 500 Roofs

Keep Yourself Protected With a Polaris Ranger 500 Roof

Whether you're blazing the trails, towing gear or just enjoying a relaxing drive, the last thing you want to worry about is riding around in a roofless side by side that welcomes unwanted debris or sudden, harsh weather conditions. If you're ready to eliminate that stress, we have you covered. At UTV HQ, you'll find a rugged Polaris Ranger 500 roof that protects you and your passengers from all types of elements. Our roofs come in various style options, from soft to hard roofs, and offer the utmost safety for your head, neck and face. And, because each roof comes with an easy-to-use set of instructions, you'll be able to install your Polaris Ranger 500 roof quickly. Purchase a new roof for your Ranger 500 now!

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