KFI UTV Heavy Duty Snow Plow Kit

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  • Plow Mount
  • Push Tubes
  • Blade
  • NOTE - This kit is designed for UTVs' with a winch already installed


Plow Actuator:

  • Complete wiring kit with Carling Technologies Two-Way Dash Rocker Switch
  • 18 Month Warranty on Parker Hydraulic Actuator based on its manufactured date
  • Rotates up to full 25 degrees in both directions

Plow Strap:

  • Replaces steel/synthetic winch cable during plow season to save the wear and tear on cable
  • 64 inches of overall length
  • For use with standard or wide winches

Plow Markers:

  • Increases your blade end visibility for added safe
  • Bolts to the side/ends of your blade
  • Includes two markers

Plow Lever Kit:

  • Repositions lift attach point to help reduce winch and cable strain from lower mounted winches and bad cable angles
  • Fully adjustable for multiple angles and attach points
  • Designed to work with KFI pushtubes only

Plow Pulley:

  • Replaces standard winch fairlead during plow season
  • Provides larger diameter roller for smoother cable movement when plowing compared to standard rollers
  • Roller has a curved cable groove to help eliminate cable flattening, which leads to snapped cables during plow season

Side Shield:

  •  Attaches to the end of plow to help reduce snow and dirt overflow
  • Universal Left Hand or Right Hand (1 Shield included)
  • Adds 2-1/4" Width to size of blade

 Snow Flap:

  • 11GA steel adjustable snow flap edge strip
  • 6.5" 2-3 ply Rubber Flap (acts as snow flap as well as an extension to the plow blade)
  • Two way adjustable

Clear your big driveway or move gravel, dirt, and more faster and easier than ever by adding a heavy-duty, easy-to-install Snow Plow System from KFI! KFI uses only top-grade steel construction and quality-made components for year after year of reliable plowing.

Pro-Series (Straight) Blade details: (included)

  • Pushes snow straight ahead
  • Measures 16" tall
  • Heavy duty grade-8 steel wear bar bolts
  • Fully-adjustable blade skids with bolt-on brackets
  • Heavy duty 3"-diameter grade-50 steel skid plates
  • 3/16" steel ribbing for a strong bolt-up to the Swivel Tube
  • Snow flap included with 66" and 72" blades
  • Includes a 3" wide x 3/16" thick 2-sided grade-50 steel wear bar
  • 2-year KFI warranty
  • Available in 72"

Pro-Poly Plow Blade:

  • Includes a 7" high 2-ply top rubber flap
  • 100% MADE IN USA
  • Dual Curvature face for supreme snow moving
  • Measures 21” Vertical blade face height with an approximate 27” height with snow flap
  • Fully-adjustable blade skids with bolt-on brackets
  • Heavy duty 3"-diameter grade-50 steel skid plates
  • Flexible Heavy Duty Black Poly face
  • 3/16” Grade 50 Steel Rib and Frame construction
  • Unlike all other Plow competitors our Plows are metal bead blasted before they are powder coatedPowder Coated Black for supreme durability
  • 2-Sided 3/16" x 3.00" Grade 50 Steel Wear Bar
  • Wear Bar attached with Heavy Duty Grade 8 Bolts
  • Complete installation instructions included
  • Works with KFI ATV & UTV Tubes
  • Includes Plow Markers
  • 2-Year KFI Warranty


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